Stem Cure India

Dr. Himanshu Patel

Our team is lead by Dr. Himanshu Patel, he is a renowned consulting embryologist visiting various country to offer his services. He earns his master degree in clinical embryology from University of Leeds, U.K. His keen interest in cell biology lead him for doctorate study particularly focused on human stem cells. His presence in various seminars and training sessions held in various part of the world like U.S.A, Germany, Jorden etc. kept him updated in the field of ART. He also joined university of Minnesota to learn some advance techniques in stem cells development. He has presented lectures on stem cells technology and ART in various Institute and Conferences. He is also an author and co author for various papers publishes in various scientific journals.

Dr. Himanshu Patel has very energetic and dedicated team to assist him in his work. Each member of the team is expertise in their relative field. They are further empowered by vigorous training and guidance, which boost their confidence and efficiency for the work assign to them.