Addition of Fluorescence Microscope in our instruments

Our one more step towards advancement by buying latest version of fluorescence microscope.

The specifications of Instrument is as follows:

Trinocular Upright Microscope

Bright Field, Phase Contrast, Dark Field and Epi-Fluorescence condenser

4x, 20x, 40x, 100x – Fluorescence objectives

Four Fluorescence Filters - 

Green Light (Excitation – 460nm-550nm, Emission – 590nm)

Blue Light (Excitation – 420nm-485nm, Emission – 515nm)

Violet Light (Excitation – 395nm-415nm, Emission – 455nm)

Ultra Violet Light (Excitation – 330nm-400nm, Emission – 425nm)

LED Light Source

9MP COMS Camera with real time measurement software

The microscope is further supported by latest wi fi colour Ink jet printer to print the image capture by the camera mounted on the microscope.

With the help of above microscope now, characterization of differentiated stem cells with immune-fluorescence staining is possible. Even FISH and other microscopy can also be possible. Also students who would like to work in molecular biology project required fluorescence and PCR are welcome for dissertation.